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Guest-House "Pension Seeruh":

In the heart of the lake district of Eastern Holstein you will find the guest-house "Seeruh". It is passionately run by the Poeske family. There are 4 appartments for rent. Lake "Kellersee" is ideal for a refreshing bath from the green lawn of the garden. It also can be explored by one of the row boats, which are freely available for guests of the house. The enchanting surroundings invite the visitor to roam the area. A system of footpaths leads you through a varying landscape of cultivated fields as well as areas of pure nature. Blue lakes within rolling hills - a scenery which has been shaped by the latest ice-age nearly 12,000 years ago - are so typical for this part of Northern Germany. Equally are the seemingly endless fields of golden wheat with dark green woods of beech trees in between, which so charmingly change their colour in autumn.





Pension Seeruh
Horst & Beate Poeske

Eutiner Strasse 17
D- 23701 Eutin-Sielbeck
Tel: +49-4521/2931

E-Mail: B.Poeske@gmx.de